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Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria native Ed Singer is a producer, singer, and songwriter with a dynamic and unique musical style. The masterful pop/rock performer was born April 16, 1985, and grew up to be recognized as an Organist in his hometown. He quickly went on to discover an ocean of songs, melodies, and harmonies flowing through his veins after he joined the church choir where he started playing the organ for his local church and some local bands in his hometown at a very young age.

He always enjoyed listening to music, and while growing up as a child, his father owned sets of public sound systems and employed local DJs to play at parties, occasions, and events and Ed he was one of the DJs, as a young boy.


He began writing his own tracks during his high-school days and went on to form a band in 2001 after he graduated from high school and moved to Lagos city. The duo, which was named “Peerz” consisted of himself and his partner. They recorded three singles, however, they did not release these. Ed then moved to the United States in December of 2012 and chose Chicago as his home.

His dream was that someday he would live in the USA to study music and pursue his musical career. This dream is now a reality and Ed is currently studying music at Chicago’s Columbia University.

Ed began working on his EP project back in 2013, in his home studio where he wrote, composed and produced two demos for his debut EP and finally, he took his production further to a mega-studio (Rax Trax Recording) where he then recorded vocals and live drums before being mixed by one of the esteemed studio engineers.

This demo project was further moved to Gravity Studios in Chicago, for professional recordings of the singles after he found Daniel Farnsworth who then co-produced the songs “Arise” and “Paradise” with Ed at the studio. Ed also discovered Jean-Marie Horvat, a musical genius who has worked an impressive number of music icons such as Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Jean fell in love with Ed’s music instantly and felt it was an honor to be a part of Ed’s journey

He added some finishing touches to “Arise” and “Paradise” before he proceeded to mix the tracks. Ed Singer also had a second version of “Arise” mixed by five times Grammy Award Winning mixing engineer, Michael Brauer. Michael has been mixing for decades now and has mixed records for iconic stars including the likes of John Mayer, Coldplay, Sade, Luther Vandross, Nick Carter, The Rolling Stones, Kenny G

He recorded one last song on his debut EP album “Oceans” with a Grammy Award Winning Producer/vocal arranger, Ben Bram, who’s the brain behind a sensational acapella group, Pentatonix.

He further had the privilege to have “Oceans” remixed by a billboard dominating producer, Dave Aude’ who has had so much success with over 140 #1 record on the billboard.”

‘Oceans’ is a stunning track that has been inspired by a romantic novel that multi talented artist and songwriter Ed Singer is currently working on. Singer’s sweet lyrics about everlasting love take you on a wonderfully picturesque story of true love that paint a picture of what it is that bonds two hearts together.

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There’s little surprise that the words of this track are incredibly authentic and emotive such is Ed Singer’s talents when it comes to the written word. But what elevates ‘Oceans’ to new levels is the ease he links together the pop overtones of the production with almost Country inspired lyrics that tell an inspiring story of a man who is totally in love with his partner and isn’t afraid to tell the world.

Since this is inspired by a novel that Ed is currently writing there’s an obvious theme of wanting to let listeners have an image in their heads of what this love story is and through the poignant lyrics he tells the tale beautifully.

If this book ever gets made into a movie then this song would make the perfect soundtrack. It’s almost like it has been written for a film about two people falling in love.

Ed Singer is a multi-talented singer/songwriter who is able to link together a story with stunning production with ease. ‘Oceans’ gives a real taste of what fans can expect from Ed Singer’s debut EP also titled ‘Oceans’ which dropped on January 7th ,with 50% of proceeds going to charity. It’s a record that will no doubt delight fans around the globe with its gorgeous lyrics and dream like sensibility.

The vocals of ‘Oceans’ were arranged and recorded by multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning producer and arranger, Ben Bram. While Dave Audé (140+ number 1’s on the Billboard), a fellow multi-platinum, and Grammy award-winning producer produced the single to great effect.

“Oceans” is now available on iTunes and Spotify and other digital retail outlets as well. Watch out for Ed Singer and his music! Look for more info about Ed Singer at

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